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The Best Way to Clean your Mouth Guard

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A mouth guard, which is also known as a night guard, is an essential appliance that protects the mouth during sleep or sports exercises. If you are always, grinding your teeth when you sleep it is vital to keep your gums and lips safe by wearing a mouth guard before you sleep. Grinding and clenching your teeth can lead to breaking or chipping of teeth. As you frequently wear your mouth guard, it is bound to get dirty, and due to the risk associated with getting an infection in your mouth, you need to keep that mouth guard clean consistently. Many people have had yeast and fungi grow on unkempt night guards leading to severe mouth sores and bad smells. Cleaning your night guard will ensure that your mouth remains clean and free from any harmful bacteria. There are several ways on how to clean night guard as discussed below.

First, you can consider rinsing it with clean water, immediately after you use it. Boil some warm water then rinse the mouth guard thoroughly to remove any build up plaque or any food particles that may be stuck in it. On top of that, many dentists recommend that when you rinse the night guard with warm water, you have to take a clean toothbrush and toothpaste and brush it carefully. Ensure that you clean it on the outside, inside and at the sides so it can be completely free from any contaminants. That will sterilize it and make it safe for reuse.

You must always have a clean surface where you keep the night guard after you use it. Many people are careless with the storage of their mouth guards. At times, they can even mix the guard with other dirt things like clothes or utensils, risking getting harmful toxins on it. Thus, you must have a clean sterilized container that you can always keep the night guard each day. You can also use a night guard cleaner. However, it is essential to note that you can only store it only after it is scorched, to avoid any growth of bacteria.

You need to set aside time where you do a thorough deep clean of your mouth guard. You can do that once per week or on a biweekly basis if you are too busy. Among the ways, you can accomplish a deep clean, is by purchasing a denture cleaner and putting it in a glass of water, afterward leave the night guard in it overnight for maximum results. Other people have also recommended using vinegar and hydrogen peroxide to do a deep clean. Get more info here: